Complete Healing

I read the story of the daughter of Jairus to the kids this morning. What ministered to me was when the Lord said to to the parents after their little girl was restored, “go and get her something to eat”. This speaks of complete healing to me. If you’ve ever had kids of your own feel sick to the point of not eating, you know the far reaching effects that one kid’s sickness can have on a family. Not being able to care for, cook for, and bless them in all the ways you would for a child who is whole. Now in the eyes of the parents and the onlookers, these were joys that would never be reality for this family again, for their daughter was dead. Imagine the rush of joy and happiness that came over the parents when Jesus woke this sweet child from sleep and asked the parents “get her something to eat”. I’m sure they prepared something like never before, and did so with tears of gladness in their eyes. Knowing that their daughter was touched and made whole by Jesus, she would live to share another meal with her family.

Just a thought.

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