Possess The Land

The death of Christ at Calvary has purchased for everyone of his people an inheritance that will never fade away. This inheritance can be compared with the land that Israel was promised by God in the Old Testament, but through unbelief some did not possess it. Let us not be Christians who shrink back in unbelief, and do not lay hold of the promises of God in Christ. For us today, there is a land before us. This land symbolizes for us a life of absolute provision, peace, hope, and the assurance of a great God Who will never leave us nor forsake us. We must learn to trust in the promises of our inheritance in Christ, and not be fearful of the giants or insurmountable circumstances that lie before us. The life of promise, the land that flows with milk and honey has been purchased and all we must do is possess it.  Do not seek a life of ease in this promised land, but a life filled with God’s friendship and care through every trial.

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