Intentional With Joseph. Intentional With Us.

Joseph’s life was hard, trying and painful. Much like many of yours. This life that we read of in the Scriptures showcases for us the intentionality of God’s supreme authority & sovereignty over individual lives.

His life seemed amiss, but God alone still held control. The suffering and confusion was surely deep, but God was unceasingly working. In the end, despite discouragement and abandon, weakness and deceitfulness, Joseph’s eyes were graciously opened to this revelation;

“What they intended for evil, God intended for good.” He didn’t always realize it, but it was always true.

Notice the word, “intended”? God was intentional then and is intentional now with your life.

The reasons? The purpose? To bring to Him, through your life, the greatest conceivable glory possible. Because of this glory, a glory that only the mind of God can conceive, all degrees of suffering, pain, sorrow, and trouble in this life, you will soon count as “light and momentary” in comparison.

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