None But One Can Satisfy

cup overlowing

All of humanity seeks satisfaction. Lofty prices are paid to attain it, or what we think ‘it’ might be. But this endeavor always leaves man with a greater void than when they began. Until God is at the root, and pinnacle of what you seek, emptiness and dissatisfaction will inevitably prevail.

If God does not fill the breadth of your lives ambitions, vanity will overrule you, and you will die with idolatry at your side, having worshiped the false god of self-satisfaction and vainglory.

Yes, it is that serious!

We as God’s disciples must be closed minded to the exaltation of anything or anyone other than the Christ of the Scriptures, otherwise,  satisfaction, and any life for that matter, is simply unattainable.

His holiness demands worship! His splendor and beauty call for praise! His majesty and perfection commands respect and awe!

When you resolve to see the world as the world, and God as God, and that all the world has to offer will never compare to the glory of Christ’s all satisfying cross, then, you will be contently satisfied.

Let us draw every  breath with Christ in our forethought. Let our hearts beat with yearning for the one who shed blood in our place. As the Bread from heaven, the manna, the water, the wine, the door, the Shepherd, the Way, the Truth and the Life, Jesus offers Himself to us.

Only He can satisfy!

satisfied in God


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