The “Other” Baptism


Check this out.

In Acts 19, Paul meets 12 brand new disciples in the city of Ephesus and asks “Have you received the holy Spirit yet?” They basically said, “uuuuuuh…..What?” 

“There’s another baptism?”

Paul then had the opportunity to pray for them to receive power from on high. New believers will always feel like “what do I do next?” and often remain stagnant, and sort of floundering if not soon baptized in the Spirit.

We believers are called not only to make disciples, but to exhort new disciples to be filled with this power, as well as continually teach them to observe and obey “all that Jesus commanded.”

It’s the mission we all have. Why? So that they will go and do the same, and so on…..and so on….for the glory of the King!

This is our commission, folks, till the day we die. Amen?

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