We’re Up Against an Ancient “Heart Disease” and There is but One Cure.

Christ Crucified

Do Christians who actively hate and rally against the evils of the world, also actively preach Christ’s pure gospel for the solution to the same?

Sadly, and to the shame of some, no.

There is but one opponent who’s power can effectively free men from this tyrannical rule of darkness. There is but one message to bear that can shake the very foundations of hell, and causes devils to tremble.

But, do you bear it?

Make no mistake about it. The devil laughs when Christians, the ones who “know” better, continue to charge at him with puny, fleshly powers, running headlong against such a spiritual host of wickedness, (for we wrestle not against flesh and blood) all the while forgetting to preach Christ.

There is no winning this way.

Our mission is never to eliminate the kingdoms of man or the evils that accompany, but instead to preach the Kingdom of God till Christ returns, seeking it’s expansion by making new disciples for Jesus’ sake and glorification.

When men are born again, the devil loses! Every time!
the god of peace feet romans
Preach Christ

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