The Christian Man Needs Closeness to The Cross

Christian men, a little honesty here please?

men at the crossThe spiritual condition and health of our families is dependent upon our closeness to the cross. It is at the cross where pride is dealt with, courage is gathered, confidence is deepened, and faithfulness is strengthened. It is there that you will see who you really are (nothing without Him), and what you really need (Jesus, who is everything). Just face it already. We need Jesus more than we ever admit. It is there that we will see Christ our humble King bleeding for, leading, enduring, and making all that seems impossible, very possible. Hear His humility. It is crying out from the cross and saying, “I did this for you, now you do this for them.”

What does this look like practically?
– It means to put our faces in the Word. They are the words of life. We are lost without them.
– It means surrendering the desires of the world. Give them up! They will not help!
– It means going to the cross, seeing it’s example, and living it.

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