Satisfaction Guaranteed (IN GOD ALONE)

Satisfaction GaraunteedThere is only one thing that can satisfy an eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful, self-sufficient God, and that is Himself. The truest sense of the word satisfied means enough. God is not, nor ever has been empty, in need, or lacking anything. He has always and forever been enough.

When it comes to you doing what pleases God, do not look for things or actions to please Him, but rather that your actions and pursuits of life are rooted in God by faith.

Some questions for you to consider-

  • Is God satisfied when we are happy?
  • Is He satisfied when our happiness is found in Him?
  • Is God satisfied in our good, moral goals and ambitions?
  • Is He most satisfied when all our goals and ambitions begin and end with a greater ambition to glorify Him in everything?

Did you answer yes to questions one and three? The average Christian would, but it’s systematically wrong. There’s no shame for answering wrongly, but God wants the highest and best for you, not just what you think is the highest and best. When the Spirit of God sees a particular truth that is void in a believer, He will bear witness within that soul and point out that emptiness. He wants you to be full. Answering yes to question one and three is possible evidence as to why you still feel a bit empty, even after you gave your life to Jesus.

Until you are fully wrapped up and immersed in what God is most concerned with (His own glory) you will never be fully satisfied. If God’s self-sufficient, self-satisfying glory is the main thing in this universe, and no created thing on earth can produce a glory of its own, then should we seek to satisfy God with anything less than the pursuit of His glory?

The only conclusion, and one you may have heard before is this; God is most satisfied in Himself, and therefore is most glorified in you when you are satisfied fully in Him.

Passion For His Glory

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