How Much Should Change for The New Life in Christ?

A new Creation

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

Like being “in” love, being in Christ is to be in every way captivated by His person and His heart. It’s a total altering of mind and interests. All priorities – changed. It means that inwardly you are no longer your own, but you actually belong to and submit to someone greater than yourself, someone with real power to sustain, who loved you more than His own life.

You are in Christ because Christ was in love with with you before the world began.

“In Christ” is a position, a place of acceptance and love. It’s a place of absolute change and holiness in the heart. To be in Christ is to behold new life, a new creation in your inner man. By faith a man enters in to Christ’s resurrected life, and is transformed for good. What once was, is no longer. Is this you?

To be in Christ is to have a victorious vantage point of  and over what you once were, and the world you once loved. The world only loves you in order to get, not to give. It will take and take, deceiving its victims until all life is gone. This is no life to live. This is no life at all. Let these old things, these old interests and loves pass away now. If you are in Christ, then recognize his love for you that got you here.  It was His joyful duty to be in human flesh so that in his death you might be brought to life.

What you once were is not who you ought to be. What you ought to be is in love with the Savior who died to make all things new. What should change? Absolutely everything. You were once married to the world, but now Christ is your life.

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