You Can’t Fix Them, But God Can

Can you fix a person? Is it even your responsibility? God knows the thoughts and the intentions that lie in the heart of every man on earth. His word discerns between sincerity and falsehood, and divides the truth from the lies in all people. No man can escape this two edged sword. This is good.

Then what you must do is trust in Him. Your responsibility is not to fix anyone, but rather to “fix” your eyes on the one who can and will perform it. Is it a brother or sister who you worry about? Have they wronged you are another you love? Do you “think” you see a potential schism in the body? Do you just “know” that an offense is eminent? Surely you can watch and be sensitive to the Spirit’s wisdom, but your vested interest must be in God’s ability to maintain and build His Church. This is a task which He alone can bear, and bear without strain.

Don’t you know that God sees and has already taken action? He actually cares for His Church more than you do. They (the very ones you are thinking of now) are His precious people, and no person is without problems.  Realize that there is nothing you can do to fix the wrong in others by worrying or striving in the flesh. Instead, fixate that same energy on prayer. Refocus your zeal for worrying with a relentless zeal for trusting God. Be confident in this very thing – “God, who began the good work within YOU (And THEM), will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”  Philippians 1:6

God’s people, including you, are like unfinished 10,000 piece puzzles. Some folks are missing more pieces that others, but God is doing the puzzle.  In His timing, and without fail, He will complete every one He begins.

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