Big God. Why Small Words?

Words For God“To what end do we live and die? If it be for our own glory, what a pity, for we have none for ourselves, and merit none from Christ. We are but creatures. And He is creator of ALL!

To what end then do we live and die?
If it be for Christ, and His glory, through faith in His name, then what a gift! For if He is lifted up so shall He raise us up in the last day with Him.

May all of life, all that you commit to, all that you strain for, and all that controls you, be all wrapped up in Him, His glory, His fame, His cross, His pleasure, His humility, His character, His will, and His perfect love; For He indeed is all in all, and everything in between.  He is all of this so that in your knowing Him, you might praise the glory of His grace!”

The above is a blog I posted to my site on the 23rd of June, 2014. As usual, my wife checked to see what I had written. This is what she said after reading the last sentence “I think you were born for a different time.” I knew what she meant right away. I’ve often thought the same. She meant that the words I chose for the blog post are words from an era past. You may or may not agree, and you’re obviously free to draw any conclusion you would like. But I do believe it’s true to some extent at least.

Think about this for a second. What was the last “deep” conversation you had? I know “deep” is relative, but you get the point. So, what was it about? What words were used? To be even more precise, when did you last speak of Christ with another person, and what words were used in that context? Did you speak in such a way as to fit the modern cultural view of Jesus? He is so much more than that.

I ask these questions because I believe words, and how we use them are extremely important. Communicating spiritual things, Christ like things, and holy things in our world today has been sucked into a mold of political correctness that is unfitting for the Church. Was it always this way? What do we see when we look to the example of the saints of old? What can we learn from those who have gone before us and lived in ages of great fame, fame that was due not to the men, but to the Spirit who filled and empowered them. The credit is all of God’s, but we would err if we did not look at the men whom He filled. They are our examples for our day as Christian leaders. How they spoke in their world, how they seemed to reverently and carefully honor God with their words are such sweetness to my ears.

Many still mock the ages of the past when men spoke “properly”, using words such as, Thou, thus, hither, thither, therefore, dost, art, and err. These words are associated with Hymnals and the founding fathers documents. You would be hard pressed to squeeze these words into modern day vocabulary, but it is not these words per say that are missing. There are words more common, more understandable, and far more needful that we must seek to bring back to the mainstream of Christianity. Why? Because these words I speak of are those which describe a holy God. Words like holy, magnificent, majestic, wonderful, splendid, beautiful, and glorious to name a few. One thing is for sure. He is a God of no little description. His ways are past our finding out, but does that mean we must stop reaching for words to describe what we can?

Is God “good”? Yes He is good, but is that all He is to you? Can you think of anything more than this? Does God make you “happy”? I’m sure He does! But what else has He made you for? Not just happiness. So don’t settle there. Reach for joy, satisfaction, and wonder. Tell God that He is your all sufficient savior, and do it more often

I beg you, search deeper into the mind which the infinite God has made and placed within you. Yes, He has made earthly beings to be finite beings, but these same finite beings were made in the very image of the Almighty, eternal One. Did God make man to vocalize only small words in honor of their vast creator? I think not.

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