Precious Flood


“And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”… then He flooded the whole world.

What flood do we await today?

Christ’s precious blood flowed from his wounds, flooding the guilt and sin of all humanity since Adam. This flood of red came as the Father poured out His righteous wrath upon His Son. It was a cleansing flow to wash away darkness, to bring the dead to life, to pardon the guilty.

All are guilty, but pardon comes for those who by faith are washed in this flood.

Today, there is great wickedness still, a horror and darkness in the land. They who oppress the poor, who kill the innocent, and abuse the weak in our world, will be justly judged. God notices.

The flood of Noah killed millions while eight souls stood firm aboard the Ark. The flood of God’s wrath and fury killed one. The torrential downpour of anger against sin crushed the innocent lamb so that countless more could be saved aboard the boundless grace of Christ.

We plead for judgement against the wicked, but let us first plead for mercy. Let us first pray that the wicked are awakened to the truth and the beauty of the true God, Jesus Christ, whom they persecute.

The flood of Genesis was a gruesome day, but they deserved it. How much more gruesome was the death of Jesus, the truly innocent, a death that was died to save sinners like you, and me, and yes, even them.

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