How To Change The World

Change The World

Is there help for this world anymore? Have we gone too deep, too far into darkness? Are people just too evil to change?

From the richest to the poorest there is a deep rooted corruption in man’s heart, and many of these have been given over to their “debased mind.”

But who has ever changed the world by setting out with that goal in mind? It has always been the small acts of obedience coupled with faith in a big God that changes things.

Like when Paul went to the Philippian riverside and found the women of the city. Lydia was there and she needed to know Jesus. Paul spoke boldly and God opened her heart. Later there was a Church in that city. That Church and that people brought the news of Jesus to the known world. That one act spread eternal life to countless others.

Remember that the world is made of individuals, people with hearts and the same basic problem which is sin. Sin is cured and crushed when the Gospel is believed upon. The privilege is yours to bring this news to your neighbor. Begin by bringing it to just one and pray that God will open that heart as He did Lydia’s.

People are hurting from the ripping of divorce, lost loved ones, wayward children, empty wallets, and sicknesses. Your act of obedience to share the news can meet that need because Jesus is the cure all. He fills the deepest voids. Christ has overcome the world with His boundless love and wants you to share it with others. Doing so will change far more than you now realize.

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