Radiant God

radiantGod is radiant glory. Radiant love. Exalted in heaven, He sees all and knows all. Every breath of mankind is in His hands. Always has been. Always will be.

Every creature, from the tiniest, microscopic organism, to the majestic blue whale, they are praising Him. They praise Him because there is no one more glorious to praise. No one else with power. No one else with that kind of authority to set in motion a world that works. A world with order.

God is radiant grace. Lifted upon the cross, our creator died the death of sinners. From that place he radiated such grace and power that the earth began to quake.

The events of the cross shake more than the earth though. It shakes every heart who would dare look there. Every sinner at their end. Every hurting soul who needs a way out. God in Christ shakes the heart of stone and turns it to tender flesh. He says “come”. Come and be shaken by a holy God, stirred up, turned around, washed, and made clean. Here, have a new heart that will never be shaken when trusting in the Rock.

God is ancient, radiant, grace. His loving grace is eternal. He loved you first, even before the pillars of the earth were set. From His ancient throne he looked and saw the pain you would feel, the forgiveness you would need, the grace He would pour out to make it all right.  He looked from eternity and saw Jesus, the Son, hanging, humbled, and shamed for you. He, from forever past radiated such grace, that even though sin would hurt, sin would trouble the world and it’s inhabitants, He planned to come here himself and rescue us. He planned to come in order to feel hurt, and pain. To carry us through ours. To take away our sin.

God is radiating faithfulness. “He is the beginning and the end”. Do you see the faithfulness in those words? He determined the starting point, sees the ending point, and fills the middle with His faithful, unchanging plan. “He cannot deny Himself.” He will not go back on His promises.

His desire is that you radiate Christ. Choose to radiate Jesus in the face of your fears, because “perfect love casts out fear.” Choose to radiate His love for people who are hard to love, and hard to forgive, because He died “while we were yet His enemies.” Choose to radiate faithfulness in the face of the hard days, the steep hills, the tearful, painful days without friends, because He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. He endured hardship unto bloodshed. He obeyed the Father unto death.

Choose to radiate the everlasting joy of Salvation that you have received, because one day it will all be over and you will stand face to face with the radiant Christ.

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