There’s Nothing in “Egypt” For You


Genesis 12:10 “Now there was a famine in the land. So Abram went down to Egypt to sojourn there, for the famine was severe in the land.”

Not much will test your faith like famine. When famine came, Abram left the place of promise, the place where God visited him. The testing of your faith will produce one of two things. Either it produces patience and fruitfulness unto God, or it proves unfaithfulness. It all depends on who or what you lean upon in the test. What did Abram do when famine tested his faith? He leaned on reason, fear, and all the “what-ifs”. God had appeared personally to him in Canaan, and said “I’m giving you this land”, not Egypt. That was God’s promise to him. Reason said, “But what of I starve in this land?” “Will God meet me in the famine too?” And from there the enemy plants more doubts designed to take God’s people off mission. “What if the Canaanites aren’t friendly? What if they don’t accept me, or don’t worship the true God?”

None of those things matter when the God of Heaven has visited you.

The question you must ask is this; Would God have been enough for Abram and his wife, even in the famine? More importantly, do you believe He is enough for you, even if every physical sign points to famine in your land?

Our mission for Christians is similar. The calling is “go and inhabit lands. Go to every land and make disciples.” His was a promise for an innumerable people, a promise that depended on God’s faithfulness to do what He says.  Ours is for the sake of the Gospel, the promise that eternity is ours through Christ’s sacrifice, and our faith in Him. What’s the mission? In every land to which you go, tell others about His promise.

But missions always come with testing. Sometimes it’s famine, abandonment, and unwelcoming people, like the Canaanites. But they were God’s to deal with. Egypt wasn’t the solution. He never should have left. This display of Abram’s flesh represents those freak out kind of moments when we take matters in our own hands. “If I can just get here, or there, make this much money, find this sort of job, or start this relationship, then I’ll be alright.”  Not true. You are better off close to God and hungry, close to God and abandoned by man, than leaving God for the comfort of your flesh. Remember, if God is for you, can anyone really be against you?

Finally, consider the consequence of trusting in the flesh and going to your “Egypt”. Is your temporal comfort worth compromising the well-being of your family or others around you? Sarai needed someone who met with God, not someone who runs from difficulty. Going to Egypt may have afforded some momentary luxuries, but it risked far more. You are better off as pilgrims in a famine-struck land, trusting in the sureness of God’s promises, than anywhere else in the world.

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