Send Them to Kenya! Get a Book!


Dear blog subscribers,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read what I post. I often write, and then just pray “Lord, please use this.” So I trust it encourages at least a few.

Second of all, I wanted to ask a favor specifically from you who have subscribed. Many of you know that I have written and published a devotional called, Grace In Crossville. Well, this month and next I am putting all proceeds of the sale of my book towards a missions trip to Kenya. My wife and one of her sisters will be traveling to the mission field where their baby sister is delivering her 3rd child.  You probably know that delivering a baby in a place like Kenya is no walk in the park, let alone by C-Section. On top of this, patients who desire nursing care in the hospitals there are required to provide their own.  It’s just the way they do it. So you can see the importance of sending help.

Here is what I would ask of you. Please pray for my wife and sister as they travel. Also pray for their sister and her husband who have been faithfully serving Christ there for 3 years in Eldoret Kenya, and winning souls to the Lord.

HERE”S THE BEST PART! You get to help. When you purchase a copy of my devotional, you are supporting a great cause, as well as supporting the ministry of my book. Prayerfully consider being a part of this with me.

Here is the link to make your purchase.

In Christ

P.s. I would love to see a word from you in the comment section.

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