He Loves the Nepalis

Nepal KidsDeath came unexpectedly to 4,100 souls (It went up 400 since starting this blog) last week in Nepal. I hate the hurt, the death, and the thought of separated families. But there is a more potent reality before us. Each one who died has entered eternity. Each one now understands the question, “What was I created for?” Some see from the light of Heaven at Christ’s side, and are full of joy unspeakable. While others are fully aware, in the deepest darkness they have ever known, and are filled with unquenchable regret.

Nepal is a poor country for sure, but economic class makes no difference in God’s Kingdom. In Christ the poor are made rich, and the rich made humble. It is often we find poverty stricken nations with the softest hearts to the truth, but we cannot ignore the fact that men from all nations are guilty of turning from the living God towards idols. Whether it’s a god molded with hands, or greed in the American heart, it’s wickedness. It’s this sin deep within the heart of man that Jesus came to destroy.

Thinking of this horrific event, there is one truth that shakes me more than any earthquake ever could. Eternity is a very long time.

As a Christian, the question that should weigh on your mind is this; Did they know Jesus? Did someone tell them?  The suddenness, the unexpectedness, and the horror of this disaster should once again remind you that you live in a fallen world. But don’t dwell there long. Dwell instead on the truth that Jesus died to rescue fallen people from their own sin.  He loves the Nepalis.  He died for their sins too. The blood Jesus spilled was for their forgiveness. In His sovereignty He has allowed this tragedy so that others might consider life in light of eternity. So that you might consider it and make the changes needed.

I believe we will see hope rise from these ashes because God is hope. We will hear of God’s mercy in the midst of this madness because God is all merciful. Give it time. God will be glorified as He sends His people to minister, to preach, to help and to care for the hurting with the love of Christ.

Souls will be saved out of this ruin.

Death occurs every second, and in that moment, the fate of a person is sealed. No turning back. Surrender is for this life only. Let the Spirit of God work in you a passion for spreading His life-saving truth. Where do you live? What calamity will come next? Will it be 3,000 miles away, or just 3? When the time comes, and it will, be sure you are built upon the Rock which is Christ. Give to others the only truth that will set them free from sin and death. Give them Jesus.

Remember that every soul you lead to Jesus is a soul that will live forever, never again touched by the hurt of a sinful world.

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