Don’t Underestimate What The Gospel Is

What is the gospelTo say the Gospel is simple, is true in one sense, but to say it is the most complex, out of this world, most glorious thing in the universe, is true in every sense. And everyone needs to know this.

How big is the Gospel? It’s bigger than “Jesus loves you” and “Jesus died for you”, though He did, and He does. It’s bigger than “He has a plan for you”, though He does. The Gospel is so big, that no one else could do it, or imitate it, or dream of a plan more glorious, or more needful.

The Gospel is a holy, undefinable, eternal God, with a holy and eternal plan for the ages.

The Gospel is His perfect plan to come to a world in desperate need, full of sinners, naturally hating, naturally lying, and naturally scorning their Creator.

The Gospel is a holy God coming to an unholy people, whom He has chosen to redeem, set apart for Himself, and live with forever in glory, though they did nothing to earn it.

The Gospel is that you and me couldn’t do any of it, and that He did all of it. Yes, He does love, and He did die, and He does have a plan for you, but only because He planned it all before time began. Only because He is eternally, and gloriously good, and completely zealous to glorify Himself.

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