The Most Happy Heart

Joel Littlefield

Cede and the littlefields 394-001

I pray with my kids each night before they sleep. Last night, I prayed this with my daughter. “Thank you, God, that you are a happy God”. Opening my eyes a bit, I saw a BIG smile on her face. As she considered a happy God, it made her happy. And that, my friends, made this daddy happy.

It also got me thinking. How many people do not know this about Him, that He made the world and all its inhabitants, most likely with a smile on His face? He laughs, enjoys, and delights with a heart of gladness over all of His works. Spend too much time thinking about the woes of the world, and why God would permit such things, and you’ll start thinking that God is only angry, chomping at the bit to judge, never joyful, and always condemning.

But the very fact that Jesus…

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