What We Realize “As We Look”

Joel Littlefield


“as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen.”

Consider your circumstances, and look at them today in the light of something much greater.

Christ laid down His life with a holy purpose, with such love and compassion for so sinful a people. He purchased with His blood such glorious life, securing for us such marvelous, heavenly riches, that when forgiven sinners like us look back to that cross and forward to that Heaven, circumstances in life seem to fade.

Ask yourself these three questions?
– Is this “thing” an eternal weight, or temporal? How long can it really last?
– Am I looking more to what is “seen” or what is “unseen.”
– What is my affliction, compared to what Christ endured for my sake?

From this vantage point alone, hard circumstances not only become manageable, but purposeful. Life is hard…

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