Advent of the Mighty God

The first Advent of Christ was the most unlikely display of might and power imaginable; a baby born in a manger, born to be poor and born to die.

Look back at the years before Christ came and imagine the world’s longing for a Savior; someone mighty to save, someone to crush the head of the Serpent. Then look to the scene of Bethlehem. Was this the Mighty One?  It was a moment of willing weakness for the Son of Glory. He became weak for the sake of His mission, to suffer and die for sinners.  In that moment “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father.” In that babe dwelt the fullness of God, bodily. That Babe was the long awaited mighty One of Israel.

Look to His life on earth. See the power displayed in His humility, kindness and gentleness. See the power of His teaching and His servant-hood. He did it all in human form. He lived a perfect life as a man to save mankind from their ruin.

Look to another moment in time, an event shrouded in scandal; the betrayal of Christ by the Jews. God, crucified at the hands of His creation.  The death was part of the plan. At His birth, when the magi came with gifts, they brought Myrrh. It was incense used for burial. They knew He was born to die.

At the cross He paid for sin with His own blood. The soldiers mocked Him for His “weakness” saying, “If you truly are the Son of God, then come down from there and save yourself”. His restraint displayed His great might. To save His people from their sins and bring them to glory He had to die in their stead.

His name is Jesus and His name shall be called “Mighty God”. He is God of all god’s. He is risen and ascended on high and we look now to the might of His gospel. It’s a gospel for the weak. It is power unto salvation for those who believe. He is mighty, for He has called us from before time began. He is mighty in His predestination of sinners. He is mighty in His Spirits work of regeneration. He is mighty to save the unworthy by Grace alone. We rest in this, in His might, believing that the first Advent of Jesus had everything to do with saving and sanctifying His people. Today we look forward to another Advent, to the culmination of all things, When He sets His rule over the whole earth. At the mighty name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.

He is Mighty God!

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