Pray for Your Pastor

Joel Littlefield

Congregants often forget the intensity of a pastors work, that it’s not a cushy job, but a spiritual discipline and battle. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about your pastor and how you can pray for him.

1.He labors in the Word for the spiritual well-being of others. His task is both physically and spiritually demanding.

  • Pray for his strength. The strength he needs is from above. The encouragement he needs is from those around him who are willing to hold up his arms when they become weary.

2. The enemy contends for his attention every minute. Among countless ploys from the enemy to distract him, he fights to to give his time fully to the work of the gospel. He knows that his words and his deeds must come from God if they are going to bear fruit in the Church.

  • Pray for his mind to…

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