Come and Behold Him

O Come, all you who are faithful. Come, all who have faith in Christ. There is no other way to come to this holy God laying in the manger. Come with your weakness and your burdens. Do not doubt, but believe. Come with your faith and He will heal your deepest doubts and sorrows.

Come to the baby but do not stay there at the manger. Move past that scene and come to the cross. The baby is that Child who was born to us; born for us. The Son given was given in order to die for us. He was wrapped in swaddling cloth. From glory to cloth diapers. From Heaven to a feeding trough. Come and behold Him.

Come, you who are joyful and triumphant, come to Bethlehem. There in Bethlehem lay the promised Messiah. The one who led Israel through slavery, through the sea and through the desert. He has crushed countless foes and conquered mighty men for them. Now He has come to bring many sons to glory. There He lay in humility and meekness, the God of all gods made flesh. With joy He came, with joy He lived and with great joy He endured the cross. Come, all who have this joy. Come, all who have triumphed by His mighty arm. He has crushed the head of the Serpent and triumphed over sin for you. Come to Bethlehem and see this miracle born for your eternal joy and victory.

Come and behold Him. Do not only pass by. Stop and hold your gaze. Look with the most grateful hearts. Do you know He is King of Angels too? They sing of His praise day and night. Their eyes are filled with adoration for He is their Maker and their God. Should we not adore Him too? We have sinned and blasphemed Him in so many ways, yet He comes with zeal to save us from our sin. He is zealous for you now, that you would come and behold the wondrous work of His birth and His cross.

Come, let us adore Him, for He is Christ the Lord. Do not bring your traditions or your gifts thinking this will satisfy Him. He wants your adoration. He deserves it. Bring it without reserve for the One who came. Bring Him your heart; a heart made holy through faith; a heart that was once dead but made alive in Him. He is Christ and there is no other.

You will miss Christmas this year if the aim of our heart is less than total adoration for Jesus. He alone is worthy! Give Him all the glory!

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