You’re Going to Need The Holy Spirit

If you want to see 3000 souls saved in one day then you’re going to need the Holy Spirit. If you’re going to see even one soul saved through your witness then you’re going to need the power of God.

I’m not sure what would have been more exhilarating, the tongues of fire or the mass conversion of souls, the 3000 brought from death to life that day. What I do know is that I desire this. I want to see it in our lives, our Churches and ministries; souls saved with only one explanation to offer in the end: “It was God, He showed up!”

Pentecost was the day that power came; God’s heavenly power made available to His people. The disciples were ready to go, praying in one accord in the upper room, but Jesus said, “wait here,” If you do this without power from on high you will never succeed. 

God, we need your power!

That day the believers were filled with every resource needed to be the Church and to take the message of eternal life to the world. They were not powerful people, rich people or even very influential. At least not yet. They were simply there, waiting for God, desperate for Him.  They were not skeptical, but prayed with expectancy and with unity of heart. They actually believed the Word of God.

Your mission today is the same, to take Jesus’s message of grace and proclaim it to the world.  As it stands now the Holy Spirit is here. You do not have to coerce Him or corral Him into your Churches or homes with shows of lights, dancing or amusing themes. He is already here as promised by the prophet, Joel, and He is not leaving till the work is done, till the whole world hears. The promise is not, “many days hence” as it was when the disciples received the commission, but it’s upon us now. Men and women, disciples young and old are being filled with the power of God to see visions, dream dreams and prophesy. Servants, kings, sons and daughters are boldly proclaiming Christ to the lost and souls are being won for God. There is no formula for this, just a patient waiting and a dependent expectancy for God, the Spirit. Are you ready to be filled with this power and go?

What you may not realize is that God wants to fill you with Himself. Did you know that you are His choice means for getting the Gospel to the nations? Though He has the power to speak salvation to every ear on earth this very minute, He will not. His preference is to use the lowly, to take the weak things of this world and confound the strong, to take what is foolish and prove to the wise of this world that there is no one wise but God, and no Gospel which saves but the Gospel of Jesus. The prophet Isaiah once heard a voice say, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Isaiah said, “Here I am! Send me.” The question was asked because it was God’s great pleasure to use him, and so it is with you. 

Right now, if you are a disciple of Christ, then you have every resource you need to be used of God. You need only to ask the Father, and like a child who knows the loving provision of his earthy father, hold your hands out and receive from Him what He already wants to give you, His Holy Spirit. Then go into your world and your context with the boldness of the Spirit. Make disciples of every nation. Teach them to observe the words of Christ till He returns. Whether you are a pastor, teacher or worship leader. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or your career is your mission field, God wants to use you in His great mission. You may see 3000 saved. You may see one or even none at all. Either way you will need the power of God to do it.


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