The Children Whom God Has Given

“These are the children whom God has graciously given me.” Genesis 33:5

This is a profound statement from the mouth of Jacob; a revelation from the Lord, especially when you remember Jacob’s family. Think of his marriage and the struggle between his wives during their birthing years. The fact that he had two wives in the first place is enough said.

Think of Jacob’s relationship with his father-in-law, Laban, and the weight that of all that conflict placed upon the children. Isn’t it amazing how children are somehow always in the midst of our messes; taking the brunt of the abuse from all the bad decisions around them? How do we sort through all of this as Christians and then ever hope to come out on top?  It begins with a statement like Jacob’s.

“These are the children whom God has graciously given me.”

How do you see your children? Are they gifts or are they nuisances and obstacles in the way of your “all-important” lifestyle. When you no longer see your Children as gifts but hindrances, you prove the idolatry that exists in your heart. This may be hard to hear, but this is wickedness at its finest. God loves children and hates the oppressor. Don’t be the oppressor.

As parents we are servants of God first. We are given the opportunity to care for and disciple our children. Humbly accept the position of servant-hood to God for the sake of your children. Otherwise you have no hope of affecting God-glorifying change in their lives.

The servant-hood needed is similar to that which we see in the Roman Centurion, the one commended by Jesus for being a man under authority. He was respected by others because he was submitted to an authority greater than himself. Your children desperately need to see this in you; a willing surrender and obedience to God; a heart of repentance and forgiveness because you know and have experienced the grace of God. Treat this matter with utmost importance. Be governed by God and pray without ceasing for the young hearts in your care to be turned to Jesus.

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