Satan’s Tactics and Your Victory Through Christ.

He roots for your failure and taunts you with fear. He lays out the trip wire then kicks you when you’re down. His tactic is cunning; playing into your earthy desires and passions by convincing you that self-gratification is a basic human right.

He snares the unbeliever in their self-righteousness and pride and brings sharp accusations against the redeemed. He preys on the weak and on those resting in their own strength (rather than on Him whose strength is impenetrable; rather than on Christ). Being, himself, a pseudo light, he blends with the Church; working to fade the once distinct lines of good and evil into nothing more than swayable opinion.

He is anti-gospel and pro-religion. He is pro-choice and anti-life of every age, color and creed. But like most punks you know he lacks foresight and is blinded by sin and pride. His bullying will not last forever. Jesus, the true light and Redeemer is his ultimate foe. God has determined his end. His punkish ploys against your life are quenched with faith and trust in the Creator of all things and the power of His gospel. With the breath of His mouth and a sharp two-edged sword, Jesus, the King of kings will banish this Devil into everlasting Hell-fire and torment, and we shall overcome with the Lamb, by His blood and by the word of our testimony.

Look about your life and do not be ignorant of the Devil’s schemes. Trust always in Christ; for He is your mercy, your banner, your shield, your strength, your refuge and salvation. He is full of grace and truth. His life is the light if men. Because of His sovereign power no weapon formed against His people shall prosper. And If God is for you then who can be against you?

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