Again I Say Rejoice!

Easter is a bit early this year compared to previous years, but the day and event that this annual Holiday celebrates, the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was an event of impeccable timing and beauty; sheer wonder and joy; a day of elation and gladness, for the Christ is risen!

Easter (Resurrection Sunday) for today’s Christian is just as it was for the early disciples who saw the risen body of the Lord. It’s about belief in Christ’s real power and rejoicing in His life. It’s about a new day of mercy and victory over darkness. It’s about taking a moment to stop and think about how Jesus made death only a passing moment, an entry point into eternal bliss for all who believe in the work of the cross.

The believer can and must rejoice in this finished work; a sealed and fully accomplished work of reconciliation to God the Father through the resurrecting power of the Spirit of God. How should we prepare for this Easter? We should get ready to rejoice. We should rejoice always and again I say REJOICE!

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