As Often As You Do This…

“I love to come every Lord’s-day to the communion table; I should be very sorry to
come only once a month, or, as some do, only once a year. I could not afford to come
as seldom as that. I need to be reminded, forcibly reminded, of my dear Lord and
Master very often.
” Spurgeon

The breaking of bread and the drinking of the cup was a matter of devotion in the early Church. Yes, we share communion from time to time today as a matter of tradition and regularity, but could you say that as an individual Christian you are devoted to the Lord’s Supper and to the remembering of His suffering and death?

Paul told the Corinthians that “As often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.

Jesus told the twelve that “As often as you do this, do it in remembrance of me.”

By the time the Spirit had poured out upon the Church in Acts 2 it had already become a regular and continual part of their devotion to Christ. It was a pillar in the life of the Church along with fellowship, prayer and the Apostles teaching. It was no small ordinance.

This little meal is to be different from all others. It’s not for filling the belly. It’s not for the heathen. It’s only for the purchased Church of God. The bread represents the sinless body of Christ, and the wine, His precious blood poured out for sinful man. What other meal holds such depth of meaning and grace? What other meal do we partake of that joins our minds with the very act which saved us?

As the Apostles gathered around for their last meal with the Lord on earth they shared by symbolism what only the Lord could experience in reality. Only He could suffer for sinners because only He could be raise to conquer death. Hours later his real flesh would break and his blood would flow to cover our sins and failures. What they enjoyed in the comfort of that upper room, Christ would soon suffer upon the cross of Calvary. They didn’t fully get it. But we do. We’ve read the whole story. With this knowledge and with the salvation of God poured out upon our lives in magnificent mercy and grace, let us devote ourselves to such things until He returns.

The next time you share the Lord’s table with your Church or family remember the uniqueness of what you are doing. Let it remind you that there was no other way for Jesus to save you. Let it bring you to a place of self-examination and reverence towards God Almighty. Remember that your boldness to approach His throne is because He was bold to shoulder the cross, carry it up the hill and die for your sins.



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