Praying the Psalms (Psalm 1)

Am I like a tree, Lord, that stays put by the banks of the river? Is there lasting fruit in me? Am I prospering, or do I fail more than I should? My heart desires happiness, but I know there are many kinds to be had in this world.

I need to choose the right happiness.

I could ask for riches or comfort or an easy life, but none of these are what I need. I desire to be happy in you! You are a happy and holy God. I need Jesus.

Jesus is that stream of life-giving water!

Your Word is the only right counselor for me. Help my heart to be content there.

This world offers counsel too. But how can the ungodly, the wicked and the scoffer counsel me in the right way? I will neither walk, nor stand, nor sit in that kind of counsel. I will not listen to them.

My flesh desires to be my counselor too. When I listen to my flesh I regret it every time. Help me to possess the dedication that plants me in your Word day and night, to resist my flesh and be victorious.

I know my own wickedness, yet you have made me righteous in Jesus. You know the way of the righteous because you have made them righteous by your blood. But the wicked will perish. Even in my weakness you make me strong so that in the day of judgement I will stand. On that day the wicked will be banished from your presence, and I, because of you and you only, will live forever.

There is so much to be done here! Make me prosperous, fruitful, helpful to others and planted in the love that is in Christ.

In Jesus name, Amen!


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