Praying the Psalms (Psalm 2)

Father, I see a deep hatred and disregard in our world for the things which please you. The nations are mocking you. They laugh at holiness and truth. They spit in the faces of your people. They jeer at the idea of a crucified Messiah because they see it as weakness. The rulers of this earth have counseled together to push you out. They do it all in rage.

Yet, you laugh. You are not alarmed, or phased, or moved from your throne of power and sovereignty. “You hold them in derision.” The cords of their hatred and unholiness are weaving their way into communities, churches and homes and I fear for those who are bound up in disregard for your name. Even much of the Church has disregarded holiness and will not stand for righteousness any longer.

I will cast these cords aside and trust Christ!

Give my heart steadiness in the midst of turmoil. Give me faith in your eternal decree; Your only begotten Son sent to save your people from their sins.

Many will continue to rage till the end and will receive your just fury. “You will break them with a rod of iron. You will dash them to pieces like a potters vessel.” They claim strength now, yet in their deceit, they are as weak as sun-dried clay.

I’m looking to you! I’m looking to the cross of Christ for my peace and assurance in this world.

The warning has been issued; “Kiss the Son lest He be angry and you perish in the way.””Blessed are those who take refuge in Him.”

Grant me boldness in the Spirit to proclaim the name of Jesus; to tell the world of His gospel; that Jesus has received the wrath of the Father on behalf of guilty sinners, so that all who trust in Him will be saved.

Give me faith and perseverance when others mock. Plant me deeper when hatred towards Christ is raging around me. Be my refuge, my fortress and my strength!


In Jesus Name – Amen

Psalm 1 –





2 responses to “Praying the Psalms (Psalm 2)”

  1. Maureen Pattison Avatar
    Maureen Pattison

    The beginning of Psalm 2 came into my head this morning….Why do the Heathens rage….I didn’t know it was Psalm 2 till I looked it up. I have just come across your lovely prayer and have experience been so much encouraged by it.
    Thank you. Maureen.


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