Praying the Psalms (Psalm 3)

That I awoke this morning is a miracle unto itself. You have sustained me once again. You are my glory. You are the reason for life. It’s for you that I wake and because of you that I hold my head up high. Your life is a shield about me. I will trust in you.

There are many  who say of my soul, “There’s no salvation for Him in God.” They would have me doubt your power.

The enemy is at large. I have countless foes. Some visible and some invisible. I would ask how many exactly, but to know the number would not help. And that’s the point. If they could get me to see the circumstance they could get me to lose hope. But no matter their numbers, you are more. You are the LORD! You are the ever present One; the Creator and Sustainer of life; my joy and my song;  my help and my salvation. Their numbers? Their threats? Their words to plant fear? They do not matter. They have no power over You! You strike them on the cheek and “You break the teeth of the wicked”!

If there be thousands about me, let me see as you see. Open my eyes to an Army which is greater. My salvation is in you alone. When I am sustained, let it be to your praise. If I should die; let me die worshiping your holy name. Let me not be afraid!

I look to your holy Hill, to Zion, to Christ who died for me. There, you hear me. My plea is not unnoticed because I plead the blood of Jesus; the beloved Son in whom you are well pleased. He is my hope and my victory. My soul is at rest for my soul is secure in the work of the Lord.

My salvation belongs to the Lord. Your blessing be on Your people.

In Jesus Name – Amen

Psalm 2 –





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