To The Weak and Weary Without Hope

To those who are weak but pretend to have strength.

Your life is falling apart, and yet, you successfully lead others to believe it’s in order.

Your heart is still ruled by a god you have exalted there; a god with no power to save or forgive sin, and who, night and day, keeps you in bondage to your own flesh. That is no god to serve.

You are weak because you do not truly worship the living God and King of kings.

You are depressed because Jesus is not your full joy. You are scared because God is not your ONLY hope. You trust in man more. You trust SELF more.


You are empty because what fills you is temporal. And temporal things, no matter how great the pleasure, cannot satisfy what was created to glorify an eternal God.

The world is no help to you. Its wisdom is no wisdom at all, but a putrid and deceitful excuse for wisdom that reeks of evil and disguised as light. Its message is filled with false hope in a false gospel that is sending people to a real Hell. It tells lost souls to “believe in yourself and do the best you can.” But there’s nothing there. You cannot forgive your own sin or bring yourself into right standing with God.

So what has God done? Where is God in all of this; in all your pain and hurt and sin?

He is telling you to look to the cross of Jesus. It is there that Christ shed His blood for your guilty heart and took upon His shoulders, not only the payment for your sin and mine, but He took upon himself the reality of your sin.

He became sin and exchanged His righteousness for your unrighteousness.

2 Corinthians 5:21 “For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

Therein is hope because therein is forgiveness of sin and access to God.

He loves you deeply and longs for your repentance. Turn to Jesus for all that Jesus is today. Have all of Him and He will have all of you. He will set you upon a Rock which cannot be moved. Be founded in Jesus. Stand upon His perfect life, death, burial and resurrection.  When judgement day comes, you will not be condemned. You will be welcomed into the everlasting joy of the Lord.

 Lay down your heavy burdens at his feet and let Him carry you. Take up a life of total dependence and devotion and follow after Him.


2 responses to “To The Weak and Weary Without Hope”

  1. Yes Man! Without the one true God in my life I am defeated in every area. But praise be to God I have victory regardless of any situation as the result of God coming into my life by faith in Jesus. Now, everything is of faith; and that faith is growing as I face more and more obstacles that call for total dependance upon God. It was amazing when I realized He really loved me. But now I am amazed at how much I am loving Him and longing to be with Him even though I cannot see Him. Im sure it has something to do with His presence in Spirit and what I learn about Him from the bible. Thank you for this awesome word!


    1. Joel Littlefield Avatar
      Joel Littlefield

      What a great testimony, Harold. Thanks for reading and taking a minute to comment. Bless you, brother!


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