Praying the Psalms (Psalm 4)

O Lord, will you answer me when I call to you?

My sins were like crimson, but Jesus washed me anew. My good deeds done in the flesh were as filthy rags to you, but your reconciled me through the blood of the cross and my works, now done in the power of the Spirit, are a sweet aroma unto you.

The distress of my sin is gone.  I am near to you because you drew me in. You are the God of my righteousness. I have your ear as a young child has the ear of his loving Father.

Hear me O Lord.

The world speaks vain and blasphemous words against you, but I will rest in you. I will speak for you when the wicked count my words as shameful and worthless.

I am yours.

You have determined an end for me, your servant, as well as for the wicked. The ungodly will perish in their way, but you have set apart the godly for yourself. You have prepared a place for us. You have a people, who, though they were afar off, have been brought near by the blood of Jesus. How majestic are your works!

Even with such knowledge of your greatness I fail sometimes. I drift from you. I consider life as I lie upon my bed and my fear can get the best of me. I consider the wickedness of this earth and it angers me. Children are crying out. The lost are dying daily. Families are tearing apart. But let me be silent for a moment. Let me hear your still voice and be comforted in your sovereign strength. Do not let my anger turn to sin. Help me to trust in you!

Let me be like an anchor founded in Christ; like a steady vessel at sea with Jesus at the helm. Give me a steady course in this world as you shine the light of your face upon me. Not everyone sees what you’re doing. Many say you are not there; that there is no good in you; that no good will come. But the joy in my heart says differently. The naysayers have no joy. I have more joy through the cross of Jesus and the forgiveness of my sins than those who have material riches and live on the pleasures of this world.

Pleasure is not everything. You are everything!

When the world cannot sleep at night for fear of death and eternity, I will lay down in peace. You make me to dwell safely in the shadow of your wings and in the knowledge of your eternal love and grace. Keep me there.

In Jesus name – Amen




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