How Long, Oh Lord? (Psalm 6)

Not long now and every enemy will be put to shame. You, Lord,  will smite them with the sword of Your mouth and cast them into outer darkness and eternal suffering. But that day has yet to come. Today, the enemy is putting fear on our faces in every corner of the globe. So the question arises; How long, Lord?

How long until the weeping stops?

How long before you bring an end to the wickedness?

Your people are growing weary. Many have fallen away from trusting that there’s purpose in any of it. So we weep and languish in our beds at night. We cannot help but think of those who perish and will forever weep for they did not know you. We cannot help but soak our beds with tears over what this world has come to. Rape, drugs and pornography are being fed to the public as normal. Children are abandoned daily around the world because no one values life anymore. It used to be a question as to when life began in the womb. Now, this world barely values a child even after it’s born and can clearly feel pain and emotion.

How Long, Oh Lord?

You have heard our weeping and you have seen our tears. And for the sake of Your steadfast love you have delivered those who trust in you. The deliverance we seek is in Jesus.

Soon there will be no more weeping. No more pain. Every tear will be wiped away and we will worship you in your Kingdom.

May your people who mourn today be filled with the hopefulness of eternity. Open the eyes of those who only see trouble on the horizon. Let them see your faithfulness instead. If they’re to live a life of suffering on earth, let it be to the glory of your steadfast and eternal love.  Let them know you have not left them for dead. Let them know that the hurt they feel in the depths of their bones, you feel it too. You felt it on the cross.

Because of the cross every enemy is crushed. They may live for a moment but will soon be put to shame. Deliver us from fear, oh God. Deliver your people from their clutches and bring your peace.

Fill us with the peace of Christ which passes all understanding.

In Jesus name-










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