The Message of the Cross for a World of Injustice

Every day that we witness more injustice in our world we run the risk of forgetting the true message of the cross. It’s a message for a world that is condemned under sin. We are all sinners, but it gets easier to point fingers when the media publicizes the worst of the worse. But the truth is, without the cross and what Jesus did there, we are all guilty of the same death. So here are four reminders I see at the cross for a world of injustice.

1)The cross shows us the intensity of the injustice and sinfulness in the human heart, that man would take an innocent life, namely, the life of Jesus, the Son of God.

2) It reveals the just nature of God as Supreme Judge. He deals with man’s injustice and wrong by judging his sinful deeds. The wages of such a cosmic offense as sin against a holy God, is death. Someone had to die. Someone did die so that many after him would not have to.

3) It reveals the mercy of God; that on the merits of a perfect substitute, he would freely justify sinners who trust Him. He removes the guilty status of the guilty when they place their faith in the innocent Lamb of God. Through faith in Jesus we are justified.

4) Finally, at the cross we see the perfect love and grace of God displayed. He became that sacrifice and laid down his own life to save sinners. The innocent, dying in the place of the truly guilty. We see a God who does not demand sinners to cleanse themselves and then come to Him. Instead, He came down to sinners. The only one who has the power to remove the shame of sin is Jesus. Those who come for this cleansing find perfect love and peace with God.

What does this world of injustice need today? They need the message of the cross. The cross is the one message that shows mankind who they truly are (sinners) and what they deserve because of it. It is the only message that tells of a God who does not turn away from the mistreatment of the innocent and does not let the wicked go unpunished. In the cross He is both the Judge and the Justifier of sinners.

God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ and felt the injustice of the world first hand. If we want to speak to this world of injustice and effect true change, we must tell them the message of the cross. The hope? That more might be saved.

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