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Preparing Your Heart for Post Election

Every presidential election cycle I get the same feeling in my stomach. It’s not a fear of the wrong person getting into office. It’s not so much a concern about policies, tax hikes or American freedoms being stripped away. It’s a concern for the Church. I notice it every time. Christians fear the outcome of the election as if the oval office actually controlled our destinies. It’s as if God’s sheep begin to tune out the voice of their Shepherd and tune in to the voice of politics, politicians and talk radio hosts as the final authority in their lives.

Flash forward to post election day for a minute. I want you to envision the morning after the votes are counted and the winner is announced. One person stands victorious and has the next four years to do as he or she pleases with this country. What will you do if it’s not the one you voted for? What will you be thinking if all the months of campaigning, rallying and getting the word out on social media is proven futile? Will you give up? Will you be filled with hate? Will you begin to blame the citizens who stayed home and didn’t vote? There will doubtless be many who forget that a Christian’s hope should be firmly planted in the Word of God and the blood of the Lamb.

These are important questions that I think many in the Church are just not asking. Not only are they not asking, but they are choosing to settle for doom and gloom; despair and destruction. Even if your candidate wins and you celebrate into the morning hours with your friends over the victory, are you telling me that everything in the world is actually going to be okay now that that person lives in the White House? Sure, I know it’s a big deal. I know that the president has the power to affect real change, either for good or bad. But the reality of it all is that God is steering this ship and our hope must be in Him, so that no matter who the Commander In Chief is our confidence lies in a greater promise.

As I said earlier, my concern is for the Church. So let me clarify what I mean by the Church. I mean the people who are citizens of Heaven by way of faith in Jesus. I mean all those who have relented the right to rule their own lives so that Christ might lead according to His desires. I’m talking about the disciple of Jesus Christ who stands with the Apostle Paul in agreement with these words.

Acts 20:24 “But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”

If this is not you, then all I can say is I don’t blame you for being scared out of your mind. I would be too. But those who know the King of kings have an eternal hope.

Although having a county that is run by an evil and heartless soul would not be ideal, it would not be the end either. Will war, death, abortion, racism and violence increase? Will parental rights be stripped away and will government schools continue to brainwash our children with evolution and pornography passed as “sex education”? All of that may come to pass and even continue to increase. But as long as the mission of the Church is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to lost and hurting souls, and until Christ returns in triumph, we still have a job to do.

Back to that post election scenario for just a minute. Imagine if every Christian in America, especially those who are taking action by voting, would also choose to trust God with that vote. This does not mean that we cast a ballot and then the very next minute say in fear, “God help us all if we don’t win.” I mean actually trust Him so that no matter the outcome you are at peace in the sovereignty and the perfect providence of God. Imagine if your friends, family and neighbors are able to witness a Church that does not skip a beat on November 8th, voting day, with no change in our overall direction or the demeanor that says “all is lost” on November 9th. That’s what needs to happen. Anything less will portray to the world a weak God and a sorely mistaken Church. And though neither is actually the truth, it is often the perception.

More important than who wins, who you vote for and what the policies are, is that the Church remains the salt and the light in the darkness. If November 9th seems darker than the day before, we have the opportunity to shine even brighter with the message of hope for this world. As a Christian you need not only to prepare for the vote but for the attitude and resolve of your heart, post election.


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