Why Does Human Injustice Hurt So Deeply?

Why does human injustice hurt so deeply?

Because humans are image bearers of the God who made them. When one suffers we all suffer with them.

As image bearers we are called to image forth his glory. When immorality and self are served instead of His glory, we sin. That’s what we see manifested everywhere in our world today.

Today’s suffering came as one man denied his God-given purpose of glorying in God and gloried in sin. It was pure evil. But in the wake of this tragedy there is still hope

Let us mourn with them as fellow image bearers. Let us pray for them.

Remember the one act of injustice that gives us hope in the midst of darkness. Jesus once suffered at the hands of sinners. He took on our pain. It was necessary. It was the only way for our unjust hearts to be forgiven. The Just One took the place of the unjust.

Christ’s willingness to suffer and receive the punishment that the whole human race deserved is a reminder to me that even the worst situation can be made right in Him.

My prayers and heart-felt sympathy for the victims and families in Las Vegas.

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