What’s So Special About St Patrick’s Day?

Did you know St. Patrick was not a native Irishman?

He was born in Britain, captured at age 16 by pirates and taken into captivity for 6 years. This is when he first knew Christ.

The Lord used this time of slavery and hardship to draw him to saving faith.

He later went back to Ireland as a missionary and Church planter; personally baptizing thousands, converting sinners both rich and poor with the preaching of the gospel of grace.

Yes, he was a saint, but his sainthood was not achieved by religious works. By genuine belief in the Gospel of Grace; the imputed righteousness that comes through faith, Patrick was transferred from darkness to light and set on a God-given mission of making disciples for Christ.

What’s so inspiring about St Patrick’s Day? The Spirit’s work of grace to take a man from captivity and weakness to faith and trust in Him. And in that place of trust and faith God can use a person to shape the course of even an entire country.

Today, think what God might do with you as you lay your life down, pick up your cross and follow hard after Jesus?


Want to know more about St Patrick?

Here are a couple resources.



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