How Was Your Christmas, Really?

So, how was your Christmas? Was it all tinsel and holly? Was it nothing but cookies, presents, perfect family photos and eggnog?

For many it comes and goes like a freight train leaving a mess of emotions, some really grand, some very ugly and some a mix of both.

Family drama can ruin good intentions and the kids who never got the memo to behave perfectly on Christmas day can frustrate parents to no end. Now that that’s over, what’s next?

It’s time to just breathe. Breathe and remember that whether your holiday celebrations turned out exactly the way you planned or not (it probably didn’t) God is still faithful.

Don’t blame Him for the messed up and broken lives around you, including yours. Let these moments of mixed emotions remind you once again of exactly why He came in to the world and why we have Christmas in the first place. Remember the stability the Gospel brought to your broken heart when you first trusted in Jesus, and how you knew your life was in His hands forever. Remember the family drama, frustration and turmoil happening in the world at the first Christmas. God brought His Son into that world to be the light and hope we needed at exactly the right time.

He’s well aware of the messiness, the struggle and the heartache that remains since that day. He’s not forgotten about you.

As you transition this week to the new year, focus on this; God has a plan that can never, no matter what, be thwarted or changed.

For those who love Him, who love Christ as King and Savior and Lord, you can rest assured that He is working all things together for your good and His glory! Keep pressing on towards Christ and remembering that you’re living for eternal things, not the things of this world. The success of your life, your kids lives, the lives of your family, distant relatives and friends is not in your hands.  He has a sovereign will for you and them.

Perhaps next Christmas will go better. But maybe not. That’s not really the point. What matters is that you trust Him with persevering faith, a faith that He brought forth in you because of His faithful love for you.

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