The Real Hero of the Bible

The Bible is full of stories about people whom God used to do incredible things. It’s really easy to look up to them. But where did they get their strength to do the great things they did? Who is it that is really at the center of the Scriptural narrative? While we often hold up famous biblical characters as heroes, the truth is that God is the real hero of the Bible.

Some might look at the man, Noah, and consider him a hero. After all, he did build the biggest ship the world had ever seen, one that would rescue his family and every kind of animal from total extinction. But where did his strength to do this come from? It was God who commanded Him to this task. It was God who controlled the timing of the rain so that the Ark would be completed at just the right time. And perhaps the most significant proof that Noah’s strength and heroism was truly God’s is the fact that God, himself, shut the door to the Ark before the floodgates opened. It’s as if God was saying, “Noah, your obedience honors me, now get in and rest in my strength.” What does all of this tell us? The heroic acts of even the most famous biblical characters are attributed to the strength of God.

Another point to consider is that Bible characters, as strong as they might seem at times are still sinful and in need of a hero themselves. Look at David. As a young boy he watched his flocks with diligence developing the skills to slay lions, bears and even giants. But later in life we see grievous mistakes being made. As king over Israel, with great power and authority given to him by God, he fell into sexual sin with Bathsheba and found himself in need of saving. The chosen king over God’s elect was as flawed as you and I. Thankfully, God’s grace was greater. David later found himself experiencing God’s mercy and resting in the heroic plan of God, His Hero, His rescuer and Redeemer.

Finally, when we look at the Scriptural narrative from beginning to end, we see one unified story of God’s redemptive plan for His creation, and Jesus is at the center of it all. He’s the thread that holds it all together. He was foreseen in Genesis in the lamb which God killed to make clothes that covered the shame of Adam and Eve. Later in the law, every priest who entered the Holy of Holies with the blood of the sacrifice foreshadowed Jesus, our perfect High Priest. The kings, prophets, and mighty men and women who acted in faith all point us to a better man, the God man, Jesus Christ. Upon entering the world all eyes were on Him, and rightfully so. Later, God the Father would say, “This is my Son in whom I am well pleased, listen to Him.” Biblical characters like Noah and David did wonderful things for God. Their stories serve a greater purpose, though, to point us to Jesus our perfect Prophet, Priest and King. He died in our place to save us. He is the true Hero!

So, the next time you read the Bible and discover a story of faithfulness, courage, and strength from a well-known character, remember who gave them that strength in the first place.  Remember that they, too, were sinners like you and me. You may look up to them, appreciate their stories, and seek to model some of their heroic behavior, but in the end it is God, and ultimately Jesus Christ, who deserves the title, Hero.

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What Bible character do you look up to, but now see that their story exists to point you to the real here, Jesus?

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One response to “The Real Hero of the Bible”

  1. I really enjoyed your perspective of God being the real Hero of the Bible. It helped me tremendously in preparing a sermon for this upcoming Sunday.


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