“Grace In Crossville” – 31 Day Devotional

Whoever we are, wherever we live, we all need the grace of Christ. Jesus is the answer to everything. In Him alone, we as believers find strength, comfort and the answers to life. His grace is also evident everywhere and is perfectly sufficient to bring you victoriously through every season.

Grace In Crossville is a one month devotional designed to point the child of God, every day, to the grace that is found in Christ. You may read one day at a time, or all in one sitting. Whatever pace you choose to read, I pray these meditations upon the holy scriptures would encourage you to love and glorify Jesus with every breath.

I am a husband, father, worship leader, pastor, and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, a brand new author. I have a driving passion for teaching and preaching the Word of God, and writing fits nicely with this. Over the last year or so I have written down many of my sermons while in preparation to share with God’s dear people. See notes, and meditations on the word have morphed into short devotions that I want to share with you each day. I want to grow as a write, and in this ministry, developing readers and followers who share this passion for Jesus and His word. As time goes on, and if the Lord wills, I will expand into writing books on theology and important doctrinal issues prevalent in the Church today. But for now, I hope you will get a copy of this 31 day devotional, and see if God would speak to you through it, and bring greater appreciation in your heart for His glorious truth.

follow these links to get your copy of – Grace In Crossville- Book cover




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