The End is Not Yet & The Mission Remains Certain

The end is not yet. How do we know this? “And the gospel must be proclaimed to all nations.” Mark 13:10 In the midst of His discourse on the end of time, Jesus adds these words of assurance and missional focus. It’s as if he’s saying, “Things will get bad. Really bad. But the missionContinue reading “The End is Not Yet & The Mission Remains Certain”

Corona Virus? Take Heart

Is this new virus an act of judgement? Is it a tool in the hands of God to wake up the church and cleanse her? I don’t know. But we can say for certain that the outcome of it all, because of the nature of God’s goodness to bring light into the darkness, will work out for the spread of His glory in this lost world.

Teaching and Preaching: What’s the Difference?

Brothers and sisters, preach the gospel as though you’ve been in the fires yourself. Preach truth to your own heart, your neighbors, your church, your co-workers and your family. Be a herald of the grace you received, through which God declared you righteous by faith in His Son, Jesus.