Brothers, We are Not Performers: The Worship Leader as Disciple Maker

Worship Leaders (as with any vocation involving sinful humanity) are often tempted to transition the focal point of glory to themselves. Brothers, I am not immune. I would venture to say that the majority of my 14 years as a worship leader has been spent attempting to usurp the glory that rightfully belongs to God.Continue reading “Brothers, We are Not Performers: The Worship Leader as Disciple Maker”

A Short History of Catechisms and A Review of The New City Catechism

For the last year and a half I’ve had the privilege of using Tim Keller’s, New City Catechism. In this review I will give you the definition of catechesis, a brief history of catechisms in the Church,  as well as a few thoughts on how New City Catechism would be useful in the Church today.Continue reading “A Short History of Catechisms and A Review of The New City Catechism”

3 Reminders to Help You Make Disciples

Ever been asked when the last time was that you shared the gospel with a non-believer and that sinking feeling of failure sets in?  Every believer has an obligation to take the faith they have been given and to share it with others. But if we never share it with a lost person then whatContinue reading “3 Reminders to Help You Make Disciples”

The Most Happy Heart

My wife and I both try to pray with our kids each night before they sleep. It’s something we’ve done since they were born. It’s a comfort to them, and in truth, they have trouble falling asleep until we do. One evening, a few months back, I prayed this with my oldest daughter. “Thank you,Continue reading “The Most Happy Heart”