Shaping Your Child’s Discipline With Biblical Doctrine

Raising children is a matter of discipleship and good stewardship. We have a short time as parents to impart the tools, wisdom and basic skills that are necessary for their adult life. But one thing that may get overlooked by Christian families is the importance of teaching good biblical doctrine from an early age. TheseContinue reading “Shaping Your Child’s Discipline With Biblical Doctrine”

Fight Complacency With The Cold, Hard, Truth

Are we determined and driven to bring change? Are we still burdened to reach the lost soul, to change the scenery, to transform our communities? Are we complacent? Complacent means – “Satisfied with the current situation and unconcerned with changing it, often to the point of smugness.” Jesus looked over His city with tears. HeContinue reading “Fight Complacency With The Cold, Hard, Truth”