The Silver Lining in Suffering

The next time someone asks you, “How could a God of love allow suffering?”, perhaps say something like this. First, acknowledge that you see the suffering too and that you hate what you see, just like they do. There’s no sense in acting like there’s no trouble in the world that you live in. ChristiansContinue reading “The Silver Lining in Suffering”

To The Weak and Weary Without Hope

To those who are weak but pretend to have strength. Your life is falling apart, and yet, you successfully lead others to believe it’s in order. Your heart is still ruled by a god you have exalted there; a god with no power to save or forgive sin, and who, night and day, keeps youContinue reading “To The Weak and Weary Without Hope”

Do You See The Fatherless; Or Are You Not Looking?

  I’ve never seen an orphanage in real life. I picture what they must be like and a mix of emotion floods my heart. On one hand I’m grateful that there are such places in the world. To think about where those millions of children would be otherwise is horrifying to me. The four walls,Continue reading “Do You See The Fatherless; Or Are You Not Looking?”

Simply Preaching Christ is a Powerful Witness

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to two of my neighbors about Christ. One is a self-proclaimed skeptic, who, when I asked if he minded specifying what he is skeptical about, he said “Just the believability of it all.” The second neighbor has a great appreciation for Christianity, but then again, he hasContinue reading “Simply Preaching Christ is a Powerful Witness”

Satan’s Tactics and Your Victory Through Christ.

He roots for your failure and taunts you with fear. He lays out the trip wire then kicks you when you’re down. His tactic is cunning; playing into your earthy desires and passions by convincing you that self-gratification is a basic human right. He snares the unbeliever in their self-righteousness and pride and brings sharpContinue reading “Satan’s Tactics and Your Victory Through Christ.”

Don’t Underestimate What The Gospel Is

To say the Gospel is simple, is true in one sense, but to say it is the most complex, out of this world, most glorious thing in the universe, is true in every sense. And everyone needs to know this. How big is the Gospel? It’s bigger than “Jesus loves you” and “Jesus died forContinue reading “Don’t Underestimate What The Gospel Is”

He Loves the Nepalis

Death came unexpectedly to 4,100 souls (It went up 400 since starting this blog) last week in Nepal. I hate the hurt, the death, and the thought of separated families. But there is a more potent reality before us. Each one who died has entered eternity. Each one now understands the question, “What was IContinue reading “He Loves the Nepalis”