You’re Going to Need The Holy Spirit

If you want to see 3000 souls saved in one day then you’re going to need the Holy Spirit. If you’re going to see even one soul saved through your witness then you’re going to need the power of God. I’m not sure what would have been more exhilarating, the tongues of fire or theContinue reading “You’re Going to Need The Holy Spirit”

He Repents, Yet He Repents Not

  According to the Bible, God repents (regrets), yet according to the very same Bible He does nothing wrong that He should repent of anything – EVER. What’s the deal? 1 Samuel 15:11 “I regret that I have made Saul king,” Genesis 6:6 “And it repented the LORD that he had made man on theContinue reading “He Repents, Yet He Repents Not”

A Circumsized Heart is a Life of Sin Forsaken

Five times in Genesis 17 the Lord says these words, “my covenant”. Two chapters earlier we see a scene unfold that is so peculiar, so outrageous, that without some nudging in the right direction, you could very well get lost. It went like this. Abram was having a hard time believing God, as so manyContinue reading “A Circumsized Heart is a Life of Sin Forsaken”

Don’t Underestimate What The Gospel Is

To say the Gospel is simple, is true in one sense, but to say it is the most complex, out of this world, most glorious thing in the universe, is true in every sense. And everyone needs to know this. How big is the Gospel? It’s bigger than “Jesus loves you” and “Jesus died forContinue reading “Don’t Underestimate What The Gospel Is”