I Can’t Believe Spurgeon Didn’t Say That

A couple days before my new book, Beeline to the Cross, released to the public, I found out some slightly disappointing news. I had been speaking with Christian George, one of my book’s endorsers, about some possible promo ideas. The thought of having his help to get the word out about the book was tremendous.Continue reading “I Can’t Believe Spurgeon Didn’t Say That”

5 Things I Love About Pastoral Ministry

Whether lead pastor, assistant, associate, youth or worship pastor; each of these callings are an incredible gift from God. In no particular order, here 5 things that I have come to love about being a pastor. 1. I love that it’s from God that I have received this honor, and not from man. Those whoContinue reading “5 Things I Love About Pastoral Ministry”

Treat Every Sermon as an Opportunity of a Lifetime

If you’re a preacher then sermon preparation is part of your life. Whether you write outlines or read your notes verbatim or preach off the cuff (not recommended) it’s a God-given and worthy calling to be developed over time. You should grow and strengthen in this God-given skill for as long as it remains yourContinue reading “Treat Every Sermon as an Opportunity of a Lifetime”