Praying the Psalms (Intro)

The Psalms express great joy, deep sorrow, richness of doctrine and the greatness of our God. They are filled with guidance, rebuke, wisdom and wonder. As I read the Psalms I am washed by the Spirit and renewed in the inner man. I am challenged by the holiness of God. I’m laid low as I realize the horror of my own sin and the mercy of God to forgive sinners. I am encouraged by the psalmists honesty and vulnerability before a holy God. As I read each Psalm slowly and deliberately I find that it is natural to begin to pray; to be poured out before the Lord, to desire holiness and closeness with God. There, the Spirit challenges my heart to a deeper and more real relationship with Christ.

So I’m dedicating this page to writing down these prayers. They will sometimes be short and other times a bit longer. I will pray as I’m convicted by the Spirit. I will pray for forgiveness, holiness, peace, help and renewed passion for God.  At times the prayers will come forth as praise and adoration, while other times, they will have a greater sense of sorrow and heaviness of heart. I desire to be honest and transparent so as to be a better help to you, the reader. Whatever the case may be, I want you to be encouraged and strengthened as you follow along.

Finally, be sure to read the corresponding Psalm with each post, and most importantly, pray that you might know Christ better as a result. All “Praying the Psalms” blogs will be categorized under “Praying the Psalms”.