Strengthened by Affliction

Communities who suffer tragedy will come together; they will rally, pray for the hurting and comfort one another through the pain until morning comes and the sorrow is a little more bearable. And each one who experiences the trial gets to cling to one another and grow deeper as a body of people. Their afflictionContinue reading “Strengthened by Affliction”

He Loves the Nepalis

Death came unexpectedly to 4,100 souls (It went up 400 since starting this blog) last week in Nepal. I hate the hurt, the death, and the thought of separated families. But there is a more potent reality before us. Each one who died has entered eternity. Each one now understands the question, “What was IContinue reading “He Loves the Nepalis”

The Man is Dying, But I Know He Will Never Die

My Father-in-law and I visited a man on his death bed recently, and this was my experience. It was not my first time, but still…this reality gripped me once again. “He’s going to see Jesus soon!” The first time was with my Grandmother. She had lived a long life with Christ and her time wasContinue reading “The Man is Dying, But I Know He Will Never Die”

Can indirect comfort still be directly from God? A guest blog by Joshua Littlefield

Can indirect comfort still be directly from God? – A Devotional I don’t know about you, but upon reading 2 Corinthians 1 for most of my walk with Christ, I always brought away the hope of sharing the comfort I received from God with others in affliction. I would read verse 4 where it says,Continue reading “Can indirect comfort still be directly from God? A guest blog by Joshua Littlefield”

Godliness With Contentment

“Godliness with contentment is great gain.” The same grace that saves the sinner, also sanctifies the sinner to make him holy. Until we love Him with all our hearts, we will never be content. Remember that of all the other contenders for our attention in life, no one else ever undeservingly died and then roseContinue reading “Godliness With Contentment”

Jesus Is Sufficient

For everything there is a season     Seasons come and seasons go In life and death God is in control So look to Jesus who knows   For every child it is appointed A day the Christ will call you home Through faith in Jesus Faith in Him alone The child of God can go homeContinue reading “Jesus Is Sufficient”

There Is No One Else

I’ll cast all of my cares Fully on You Lord For you care for me. Precious Prince of Peace Make my soul at ease. Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God Place Your yoke on me. Your yoke is easy And Your burden is light. By Your mercy, Jesus Rest I will find. There is no one elseContinue reading “There Is No One Else”