Trust Him When You Don’t Know

The patriarch, Jacob, had dealt with his fears before. He had wrestled with God and prevailed and had heard over and over that God was with him, but still he feared to meet Esau again. He expected the worst. To his surprise though, this is what actually happened… Genesis 33:4 “But Esau ran to meetContinue reading “Trust Him When You Don’t Know”

(12 Points) Wrestling With God for His Blessing

Life causes us to be aware of our lack and our need for God’s blessing. But there are few who are willing to go through the often painstaking process in order to get the blessing He offers. Here are 12 observations for the Christan from Jacob’s wrestling with God in Genesis 32, that if heeded,Continue reading “(12 Points) Wrestling With God for His Blessing”

There’s Nothing in “Egypt” For You

Genesis 12:10 “Now there was a famine in the land. So Abram went down to Egypt to sojourn there, for the famine was severe in the land.” Not much will test your faith like famine. When famine came, Abram left the place of promise, the place where God visited him.

Noah and His Ark Foreshadowed Christ and His Cross

Here are a few ways that Noah, and the story of the Ark typifies Jesus, and His work on the cross. His name meant rest. While the world approached judgment, Noah rested in the Word of God. While the world drowned in their sin and rebellion, Noah and his family rested in the safety ofContinue reading “Noah and His Ark Foreshadowed Christ and His Cross”